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Silly Me

3rd. Jul, 2009 | 05:47 pm
mood: irritatedirritated

I've lost yet another blog, this time due to completely forgetting my password.

Oh and the arctic fox fursuit is picked up tommorrow of all days. Long pile fur and very very hot day!

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Brief Update

12th. May, 2009 | 12:17 am
mood: tiredtired

How long?!?!?!!?

OK, I tried my own hosting solution. Didn't work. Now I go under the alias of Rikev, the fursona being a white furred fox.

So what is going on?

- Work currently rocks, assisting a manager with some fancy office stuff and less library work!
- I own two very fluffy arctic fox tails.
- I met other furs and attended furmeets.
- I quit WoW, I came back 3 months later unaddicted. Honest.
- I am buying a fursuit.
- I met a very nice lady. ;)
- I am going to an anime expo...
- ...and RBW! \o/
- I am up far too late again.
- I went to the gym, fell ill and didn't get much further with it.

Just something to tell you I am still alive.

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Curse You Impulse Buying!

21st. Sep, 2008 | 12:13 am
mood: blankblank

I bought a PSP today with Tiger Woods and Squad Command, a huge power plug extension tower to plug my Wireless Router and other gadgets into and a memory stick for my PSP. And yesterday consisted of buying a 48 quid heavyweight jacket with Lakeside Sponsors off Duggo7. Gaaaaaah! When I haven't spent anything big for months, the urge for a new toy to play with grows too large then suddenly, spree! Probably why I always end up with sudden drops in my bank account when I least want them.

Still got a second monitor and a home server to go. Those I resisted this month.

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Identity Crisis!

19th. Sep, 2008 | 11:52 pm
mood: happyhappy I have made three entries this year including this one. To confess I nearly left this journal to rot for my own solution, nearly. But I guess it's back again.

Things have been a little different. For one, my persona has slowly shifted and changed into Rikev, a white furred fox. I am looking for art commissions and keeping my eye out to update my site. Talking of which I installed Mambo on it, nice bit of kit and I plan on adding more starting with game characters and personas and moving on to anything else interesting.

Sometimes I wonder, why would someone use a persona on the Internet? Isn't it supposed to be a place of free expression, if so, why do people hide behind strange names? I guess it is part of the free expression idea and can make one hell of a headache. I had different screen names for different parts of the Internet, typically themed towards the topic of the board of community I was involved in. Warhammer 40,000 communities had names themed towards things in the tabletop game, guild forums had the name of my in-game character and so on. Even on my very first trip on the Internet, I created dark_wulf as an Alias while waiting to be picked up in the college car park the day I received my broadband line. From the off, I was protecting my personal identity in cyberspace with an alias and following the warnings of not giving out personal details for everyone, everywhere.

But is it a necessity now rather then a choice to protect your identity online? It's difficult to tell, with the rise of sites such as MySpace and Facebook (and even LiveJournal itself) the amount of personal information posted on the Internet attracted media attention and a shitstorm was soon brewing. People had opened up on the Internet, their names, faces, interests, ripe for plucking by both Internet fraudsters and the advertising companies. Just browsing to my FaceBook page reveals my details being used to target advertisements at me mentioning my age, marital status and sexual orientation in a frankly creepy and invasive manner.

When you add in privacy controls being tightened on social networking sites and stories of people being fired for comments on blogs I think the Internet alias is here to stay. But it also shows the creativity of people on the Internet. I am part of a group of cyberspace users that comes up with some of the most imaginative and artistic aliases on the Internet and even a quick browse through any user contribution powered site always has names you have never seen before.

The only trouble is when do you have too many nicknames? I personally am moving to using only one, Rikev. But the static nature of some parts of the Internet make it harder. I can quickly change my MSN display name but changing my journal name is something I am reluctant to do as it means messing around with user accounts. The only other way would be to start afresh but that means losing contacts.

Well, big ramble over and spot the typos. At least it isn't a rant for once!

In other news, a very brief recap, I have taken an interest in motorcycles, speedway riding (not just watching, want to dooooooo!) and still as big a geek as I was before. Happy as I am though and still keeping my journal entries entirely off the cuff. I am thinking of moving to the journal though. Not sure yet, depends how many people I know I can find on it.

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Long Time No Bitch

30th. Apr, 2008 | 10:20 pm
mood: depresseddepressed

Longest update gap yet?

Oh well, things aren't too rosy at the moment. My manager suspects I have a head disorder of some sort and I keep forgetting things after people talk to me. That'd suck ending up coming this far just to find there is something wrong and holding me back. Either way I'm not particularly enjoying things at work at the moment. Combined mix of abuse of pupils, job disatisfaction and me doing at least one thing wrong on a daily basis leaving the next 4 months making me stressed, panicky and not having a very nice time. I'm shit scared of the Summer Holidays now as I have a feeling it'll be spent job hunting. At least I have Wacken to look forwards to.

So anything good happen? I visited Birmigham with Jay and some other EuroCore folks and had a great time, still waiting on the sketch I paid £10 for though. And I am now actively looking for artists to do digital artwork of Rika, if you know any then I'd love to see examples. :)

As for Rika, the wolf is part of my self being but never sees the light of day much. Usually in a guise of some sort (trivia: Arson is based on him) but hopefully new webhosting and me hanging around furry circles more might see the wolf get pulled out more :)

It's just a shame people can't stop looking at it as a Japanese verb, Rika is Russian dammit!

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I'm still here!

27th. Feb, 2008 | 12:36 am
mood: blahblah

Things are shit, let's just say that.

Journal bump for great justice!

I also now have steam re-installed, IM me for contact details.

Back on a Warcrack addiction too.

And finally Second Life is also appealing.

At least it's not a really late night journal entry as I have work tommorrow.


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